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Real Estate Marketing Tips For Smaller Developers

Real Estate marketing tips

Here we have to reveal the truth about real estate marketing tips and what it is like. The residential real estate business is still thriving despite the current market conditions and intense competition. The key is to know which league and how to participate.

Although established builders have the advantage in terms of selling their projects to the public, a newer developer with a smaller project can win the race even if it is situated near a well-known name. The developer can achieve this by providing services that many other builders will not offer. For example, he could offer innovative payment options and reduce the time needed to complete all legal requirements of an acquisition.

Creative Pricing Strategies

The innovative schemes of financial structure are designed to meet the clients’ needs and add real estate value. Some of these schemes have proven successful.

The option is to offer buyers the chance to rent an apartment for a set monthly rental, a specific deposit, and a 3 year lock in period. At a later stage, the buyer can buy the rented property. In the event that the purchaser decides to purchase the flat, all payments will be treated as downpayments. If the purchase is made, the payments are treated as down-payments.

Get Personal

The personal touch is a great benefit to smaller developers. Instead of delegating enquiries to his underlings he could personally answer telephone calls, respond to mail using his personal email account and spend time explaining some technicalities about the property market. The buyers are very appreciative of such personal service from the developer.

Professional Marketing

Creative and innovative real estate consultant ideas can make a difference for smaller developers when traditional formulae of marketing and selling do not prove to be effective. If the concept of “thinking out-of-the box” can be understood, then effective ideas for tackling most market situations and contingencies are possible.